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Peter Gauntlett BSc (hons) PodMed MChS

Lewisham Foot Health

I graduated as a Podiatrist from the University of East London in 2008, and I’ve continued to actively study the foot and its associated structures whilst working in both private and NHS practice.

A few years ago I started my own company ‘Lewisham Foot Health’ so that I can devote more time to treating each individual patient. This also means that I can make use of better materials and diagnostic tests to provide tailor-made treatment plans for patients of all ages.

Using biomechanical assessments and gait analysis I can diagnose the most appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises for you, and determine the best orthotics for foot support when walking to balance your posture and gait.

I can treat musculoskeletal pain, advise on injuries and rehabilitation, and I can also assist those solely looking to improve their sporting performance.

My services also include regular care for long difficult to cut nails, hard skin and corns and advice on general foot health and footwear.

I aim to improve function so the body can naturally heal itself wherever possible.

To find out more about me and how I practice please visit my individual website at, or use our contact form to request a call or appointment.

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